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Versatility, comfort and safety are essential for our platforms

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Export 3000
Compact and easy to use for managing your orchard

Export 4000
Bigger size and comfort for working in every orchard

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Macfruit platforms at work

Harvesting platforms Macfruit could be used for various activities such as

  • Fruit harvesting
  • Setting up of anti-hail nets
  • Pruning
  • Manual thinning

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The STUDIED machine for orchard management
Macfruit harvesting machines are one of the most advanced work systems in fruit harvesting and orchard management for modern farms.
Multiple uses
Macfruit platforms are real work centres not only for fruit harvesting, but also for the installation of anti-hail nets and for winter pruning.
The quality checks of the used components and the rigorous testing, which all Macfruit harvesting machines undergo at the end of the assembly process, ensure over time a reliable machine with low operating costs.
Comfort and performances
Performance is guaranteed by a rich standard equipment and a wide range of optional accessories, which enable to customize the machine according to the customer’s needs. Working on board of a Macfruit harvesting platform is more comfortable thanks to the platforms' dimensions and to the quiet and powerful new generation diesel engines.
One of the priorities for Macfruit is the operators’ safety on board. For this reason, the constant cooperation between our technical department and certification authorities ensures that the Macfruit platforms are adapted to the latest developments in safety legislation.

Who we are

A dynamic company that produces and exports platforms for orchard management

The brand Macfruit was created in 2012 in Faenza and was suddently part of CaBa Industrie group, together with Lotti, Vicar and Specialcavi. Macfruit has on his background one of the most important companies specialized in the construction of harvesting plattforms.The mission of Macfruit is to create an advanced product, as far as technology and security is concerned, thanks to a 3D projecting process done by expert and professional engineers, who constantly contribute to an evolution of the Macfruit platform. Our technical department cooperates moreover continuously with the security authority, in order to secure proper updates conformed to law standards in this field.We use only prime quality material produced in Italy, that means we are able to satisfy all the costumers’ needs.Macfruit : Safe, Modern, Performing

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