Harvesting platforms

Macfruit harvesting platforms

All you need to know on Macfruit platforms

The platform


The platform can be lifted in total safety by means of two cylinders equipped with blocking valves, which act on the pantograph arms.

In compliance with European standards on safety, the machine can only advance in first gear (working speed) when the platform is raised.

Furthermore, there are four anti-crush sensors placed under the platform all around its perimeter.

The extensible side-platforms are placed under the central one and, once extended, will allow the user to move without problems on the platform, thanks to the absence of steps.

The high steering capacity of the Macfruit platform make it adapt to the activity in the narrowest row.

Diesel engine


Latest generation LDW 1003 3-cylinder (18,8 kW / 25,5 Hp) and LDW 1404 4-cylinder diesel engine (18,8 kW / 25,5 Hp)

Compressor and air tank


Harvesters can be also used for pruning and thinning out thanks to their air compressor.



Working platforms are adjustable in height and width by means of electro-hydraulic controls, with no gap between the platforms.

Rear lift


1 – Storage forks
2 – Forks for unloading bins

Bins transferring


Macfruit harvesters can be equipped with rollers to transfer fruit bins on the machine with minimum effort and to avoid possible jolts.

Vertical elevators


Thanks to the wide range of optional accessories, your Macfruit harvesting machine can be equipped with a front and/or rear tilting lift.

Various steering systems


Different steering systems offer the highest manoeuvrability: the front axle is equipped with power-assisted steering while the rear axle is controlled independently with automatic return of the rear wheels to their initial position (version with 4 steering wheels).

Automatic steering sensor


The machine can be controlled by an automatic steering system, which helps the operator driving the machine in the rows.



The standard tyres are 10.0/75-15.3. To have a better weight distribution on a larger ground surface, you can request wider tyres, type 31×15.5-15.

Choose your model

The right platform for your needs

Export 3000


Compact and easy to use for managing your orchard

Export 4000


Bigger size and comfort for working in every orchard

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