On demand cables


On demand cables

Our cables made right for you

Our cables are appreciated not only for the high quality of their components and for the care we have in manufacturing them, but also for their uniqueness. We are in fact capable to realize cables on customer’s design, in order to match everyone’s needs. After the first realization, we undergo a meticulous test phase to be able to give our customer a sampling, in order to check eventual changes to be done before the serial production.

The customized cable for every needs

Quality products for any application
SpecialCavi flexible cables can be used in a wide range of fields: from navigation to bicycles, from agricultural to industrial machines and up to historical cars and motorbikes. Contact us to find or realize any kind of cables, we work with a lot of passion for giving you a quality product. Our long-term experience is always at customer’s disposal to realize a suitable product for everyone’s nees.

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