SpecialCavi: the best cables for your transmissions

An Italian company well-known in Europe for its production of flexible transmissions

The company SpecialCavi was founded in Anzola dell’Emilia and has been characterised since its early years for the high quality of its products.In 2008 it became part of the new Caba Industrie group and the production site was moved to its current headquarter in Faenza.Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and know-how with the other brands of the group – Lotti, Vicar and Macfruit – SpecialCavi has always maintained the quality of its products, combining this with a customer service and competitiveness obtained thanks to investments in the automation of production and management processes. In fact, we are able to produce cables according to specific customer designs, so that we can satisfy everyone’s needs.Production is applied in a wide range of sectors: Automotive, motorcycle, cycling, agricultural machinery, earthmoving machines, industrial cleaning machines, furniture, boating, spare parts and many more.


The cable that suits you. SpecialCavi products are characterized by:
We are capable of producing cables directly from the customer's design or sampling, so that they can be a real value-added part of the finished good
We only use material manufactured in Italy or Europe
Every order is for us a stimulus to do more and innovate our products, to make them more competitive on the market

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