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The advantages of Vicar sprayers

Quality, product saving and environmental sustainability are only a few of our sprayers’ advantages

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Vicar sprayersTurbine

A new system to think sprayers is the basis of Vicar products

Air units440

The ideal sprayer for working in vineyards

Air units450

The ideal air unit for working in any orchard

Air units541

The cannon sprayer which reaches any target

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Air unit 470 at work in a GDC vineyard

The innovative turbine system on the sprayers makes them effective and efficient because the sprayed product reaches the leaf quickly and precisely. The turbine allows the water drops to convey the product exactly where it needs to be and in the right quantity.

In this video you can see the effectiveness of a Vicar sprayer 470 in a GDC system.


A revolutionary sprayer in form and substance

VICAR turbine sprayers stand out for the high quality of the components used, such as their stainless steel turbines, brass connections and hot galvanized frames, etc. Maintenance operations are reduced and simplified thanks to the precision of assembly and the strict final inspection, thus ensuring high quality over time.
Using a VICAR turbine sprayer means having a system that generates a constant and uniform air flow focused on the leaf canopy thanks to the adjustable spraying heads. The air flow conveys the product making it adhere to both leaf sides, thus optimizing the treatment effectiveness even at low volume.
A VICAR turbine sprayer is eco-friendly because, thanks to its spraying precision, it ensures a considerable drift reduction.

Who we are

One of the most important company in Italy and Europe in the production of sprayers

The company was established in 1958 by eng. Vincenzo Caroli, who saw in the turbine/air flow system an innovative technique for pesticide distribution in protected cultures.

Over the years, VICAR sprayers have conquered a wide market, especially in Germany, where the research center BBA awarded our sprayers the innovation prize for the lowest drift rate in viticulture treatments, thus ensuring the best coverage in low-volume treatments.

Vicar is part since 2006 of CaBa Industrie group together with the brands Lotti, Macfruit and Specialcavi. Innovation aimed at environment protection and attention to customer needs and satisfaction will continue to be the most important goals of our company, that leads us in projecting and producing more and more advanced sprayers.

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