Air units

Turbine 350 duplex

Sprayers with a 350mm dyameter turbine

Turbine 350 duplex410

Low requested power and small size

Turbine 350 duplex420

Reliability and agility combined

Turbine 350 duplex430

The ideal sprayer to aim high

Turbine 350 duplex440

The sprayer for the most difficult vineyards

Turbine 350 duplex460

Our top vineyard sprayer

Turbine 400 duplex

Sprayers with a 400mm dyameter turbine

Turbine 400 duplex450

A sprayer for all cultures

Turbine 400 duplex451

The cannon sprayer for every treatment

Turbine 400 duplex456

The sprayer for the widest vineyards

Turbine 400 duplex470

The sprayer for widest and highest systems

Turbine 500 duplex

Sprayers with a 500mm dyameter turbine

Turbine 500 duplex540

A bigger turbine to get everywhere with the highest precision

Turbine 500 duplex541

Cannon sprayer with maximum power

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