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About us

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CaBa Industrie Srl is based in Faenza (ITALY) and was founded with the intention of creating a group of brands able to provide the agricultural market with a wide range of high-quality machines and equipment.

Our strong point is to have the production entirely in our factory in Faenza, with consequent interchange of know-hows and technologies between the different product lines. In addition, we only use European – particularly Italian – produced components, that makes our manufactured products high quality machines and conformed to the best standards in terms of precision, safety, performance and efficiency.

At the moment CaBa Industrie produces and sells following brands:

  • Lotti – agricultural machineries for inter-row works and leaf canopy management in orchards and vineyards.
  • Vicar – sprayers with a revolutionary turbine system.
  • Macfruit – moving liftable platforms, ideal for fruit harvesting, pruning, anti-hail nets setting up and orchard management.
  • SpecialCavi – any kind of flexible transmissions for every usage.


Our mission is to take care of plants in orchards and vineyards, offering the best quality machines and equipment for carrying out several eco-friendly operations on the ground. Our machines represent the combination between the highest security standards and the best efficiency in working. In particular, we would like to support farmers in their transition to organic farming by supplying them with the most advanced technology.


Our vision is to become a leading company in the agricultural machinery market by manufacturing different machines and equipment, thanks to new technologies and solutions that meet the needs of modern agriculture. The growing attention for green economy and eco-friendly processes reflects our philosophy, looking at the production of agricultural equipment and machines which work in full respect of the surrounding nature, minimizing the use of chemical products. We want to make any customer happy and this leads to create on-demand projects and to change every challenge into an opportunity.

A little bit of our history


Foundation of CaBa group thanks to the cooperation between Doct. Caroli and Eng. Badiali who took over the company Specialcavi from Anzola dell’Emilia, specialized in the production of remote control trasmissions for agricultural and industrial machineries.


Vicar from Faenza, that has been producing innovative turbine sprayers for 50 years, becomes part of CaBa group.


The company becomes bigger with Lotti, historical brand from the area close to Faenza, which identifies the production of high-quality machines for orchards and vineyards.


Creation of the brand Macfruit, thanks to the acquisition of know-how and technologies of one of the sector’s leading company.


CaBa Industrie moves to our actual factory site in via Urbania, where the complete production process is carried out still today. Having all the product lines in the same site enables a higher exchange of know-hows and technologies, which results in our final products


CaBa Industrie is a solid company active in the production of agricultural equipment and mechanical remote control cables, which sells its products not only in Italy but also in various countries all over the world. Our main values are and will always be the good relationship with our customers, the continuous aim to quality of our products, which are projected thanks to modern software. All of that makes CaBa ideal for those who want to invest and be supported in the future.

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