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Discover Lotti products

Machines for soil working, leaf canopy management and grass cutting in orchards and vineyards

Discover Lotti working tools

Our tools are interchangeable on Lotti machines: with a single machine, you can do lots of works

In evidence

The best we can offer

NewsCT 80

Trimmer with fruit thinner for orchards

ToolRotary soil rake

Tool for inter-row milling thanks to three on purpose projected blades

MachineIT 15

Single, reversible inter-row cultivator for any soil working


Tool for planting new wines, mountable on Lotti in-row cultivators

Video in evidence

Lotti machines at work

In this video you can start to get in touch with Lotti machines and all their possible applications. You can see inter-row cultivators for any kind of inter-row workings, trimmers for summer thinning in vineyards or pruning in orchards and the versatile and comfortable tool-carriers.

Don’t stop here, enjoy the video and choose the right machine for you.

Our strength: the working centre

All tools for different soil workings can be mounted on one single machine

The Lotti working centre allows to mount up to 14 different tools on a single machine, making them interchangeable. The head is – according to the machine mounted on it – positively and negatively adjustable, enabling to vary the working depth on the ground.

Lotti products are:

Because they do not use chemical products
Because they are adaptable to any need and ground
Because tool changing could be exploited in few minutes and with few operations
Because you can save money on the tool-carrier frame as the tools are interchangeable
Because they work without damaging the plants

Who we are

One of the most important companies in Italy for orchard and vineyard mechanisation

Lotti company was founded in 2001 and immediately specialised itself in the production of machines for inter-row workings in vineyards and orchards.

In the following years the products ranged was increased to include also trimmers, inter-row cultivators and tool-carriers for multiple uses.

The company has grown up to became one of the most important players in Italy and Europe for fruticulture and viticulture mechanisation and in August 2012 it became part of CaBa Industrie group, together with the brands Vicar, Macfruit and Specialcavi.

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