Pruning and row cleaning

Pruning and row cleaning

With Lotti machines it is possible to carry out pruning, pre-prning, topping and cleaning operations on the leaf canopy, simply by changing the tool installed on the trimmer.

  • Mechanical pruning is carried out in orchards to rebalance the plant in the ratio between the load of the buds and the leaf, in order to improve the quality of the fruits while reducing the costs of manual pruning. In vineyards, on the other hand, it is carried out during the vegetative rest period of the vine trees, in order to contain the costs of maintaining their branches.
  • Pre-pruning takes place during the vegetative rest period of the vineyard in order to reduce the costs of pruning, cutting down the amount of manual pruning hours.
  • The topping of the vineyard (also called green pruning), is carried out in spring and summer to improve the quality of the grapes produced on the vineyards and to balance the structure of the vine itself. It is also carried out that to facilitate mechanisation in vineyards, since it reduces the size of the leaf canopy and allows to positively modify the microclimate of the vineyard itself, especially in the area of fruiting of the trees.
  • Grooming or grading is that activity that allows to arrange in rows the tailors deriving from pruning of vineyards and orchards, in order to clean and compact – through a shredder – the soil inside the row.

Machines for pruning and row cleaning

To carry out pruning and cleaning operations, you can use the following tools mounted on Lotti trimmers:

BS100 - BV150 - BS200 - BS250Dry-cut bar

BV100 - BV200Green-cut bar

GA3 - GA3S - GA6 - GB4Sweeper

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