Under-row and in-row


Underrow and inter-row

The Lotti range, specifically the inter-row machines, allow you to perform many in-row and under-row operations, simply by changing the tool mounted on the tool-carrying head. Here’s what you can do:

  • Milling, which consists of moving the soil so that the earth does not excessively compact and that its fertility is enhanced, also fighting the proliferation of mice, rats and weeds.
  • Hoeing, that is the operation that allows the earth that is deeper to be moved to reach the surface, thus granting a change of air to the ground itself. It is carried out before fertilisation to ensure that the fertiliser goes deeper into the soil and thus increases the fertility of the tree.
  • Ridging, which is carried out after fertilisation to throw more soil over the already fertilised one, in order to allow a better action of the same fertilising agents.
  • Weeding, very important to ensure a constant exchange of air, making sure that the soil does not dry out excessively.
  • Cutting herbs in the under-row and eliminating weeds, certainly a priority for farmers who want to safeguard the productivity and health of their plants.
  • Desuckering, which is carried out in order to remove the suckers (hulls, shoots) formed along the stem of the adult vines, which promotes the mechanisation of the same and avoids the competition between the suckers and the fruitful branches.
  • Drilling, to prepare the soil for the new vines that must be planted and to replace the old or sick ones.

Machines for under-row and in-row operations

Here are our tools for in-row and under-row works

RT25 - RT40 - RT50 - RTDRotary soil rake


DS1(H) - DS2(H) - DS3(H)Hoeing disc unit


DR1(H) - DR2(H) - DR3(H)Ridging disc unit


VMS1 - VMS2 - VMS3Hoeing share


LE50 - LE60Summer blade


DV2 - DV3 - DV4 - DV5Fast disc


ST50 - ST70Weeding star


DE40 - DE50 - DE60Grass cutting disc


TRF35 - TRF50 - TRF70Wire chopper


TRV30 - TRV40Drill

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