Soil working

Soil working

Inter-row soil working tools for orchards and vineyards

T1 RT25-RT40-RT50-RTDRotary soil rake

Tool for in-row milling

T2 DS1(H)-DS2(H)-DS3(H)Hoeing disc unit

Tool for in-row hoeing

T3 DR1(H)-DR2(H)-DR3(H)Ridging disc unit

Tool for ridging and convexing

T4 VMS1-VMS2-VMS3Hoeing share

Tool for a deep in-row hoeing

T5 VMRRidging share

Tool for ridging and fertilizer planting

T6 LE50-LE60Summer blade

Tool for cutting the weeds’ roots

T7 DV2-DV3-DV4-DV5Fast disc

Tool for a fast mechanical weeding

T8 ST50-ST70Weeding star

Tool for a quick and precise weeding

T9 TRV30-TRV40Drill

Tool for planting new vines

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