IT 200

Double independent machine for rows from 1,80m to 3,60m width

IT 200

Double independent machine for rows from 1,80m to 3,60m width

The inter-row cultivator IT 200 represents the top of the Lotti product range. It is a double independent multi-funtional tool-carrier, usable with lots of tools of Lotti range to carry out various inter-row workings, leaf canopy management and grass cutting operations without charging the tractor’s hydraulics.

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The inter-row cultivator IT 200 can operate in rows whose width is between 1,80m and 3,60m. To do that, it is possible to place the heads in a narrow or large position, according to the customer’s needs. The machine has to be mounted on the rear 3 points of the tractor.

The machine’s heads, on which you can mount the tools, could be adjusted both positively and negatively, allowing to work also on hilly or terrace grounds. It is moreover possible to regulate each head separately, enabling any kind of work in any kind of ground.

The machine is connected to the tractor by the rear 3 points and needs a PTO turning at 400rpm to let its hydraulic system work. It is therefore very easy to connect and it’s adaptable to any tractor on the market. Stability and precision are guaranteed by a solid and reliable frame and by the application of two hydraulicly regulable support wheels.

The machine has a standard equipment that consists of

  • Hydraulic tank with 80L tank capacity
  • Oversized oil cooler for higher temperatures
  • 2 oil flow dividing valves
  • 5 pumps
  • Self-centring system with mechanical sensors

Technical data


Attacco telaio
Frame attachment
Attelage chassis


Inclinazione teste
Heads’ inclination
Inclinaison têtes

Apertura sfilo orizzontale su ogni lato
Horizontal side-ram extension
Extension horizontale sur chaque coté
Horizontale Extension pro Seite

IT 200

3 punti posteriore
Rear 3 points
3 points arrière
3-Punkte hinten

700 kg

180 cm

360 cm


55 cm



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